McDVOICE survey

McDVOICE survey portal is set up by one of the largest food chain restaurants “McDonald’s” across the world. This portal helps McDonald’s foodies and the brand itself to build a strong bonding. Anyone who has visited McD for fooding purposes is eligible for an online survey, we have stated the necessary steps for McDVOICE survey.

What are the benefits of providing online surveys at McDVOICE?

Well, the portal is meant for you to share your last experience at McDonald’s. You can provide your valuable feedback, rating depending on food and service that you have experienced. You can also provide suggestions for new food items on the menu. Moreover, McD provides you with a voucher coupon after you submit the online survey. You can utilize the voucher to gain discounts, free meals on your next visit to McDonald’s. Isn’t it to convey your feedback for tasty food, add-on to ordered meals or cool discounts?

McDonald’s analyzes the provided feedback to improvise their services considering the needs of their foodies.

McDVOICE survey portal Steps for online survey

Before you start with the survey, make sure to have the latest McD receipt with you. You have to enter details from the receipt to start the online survey at McDonald’s official portal.

  • Visit the official McDVOICE survey portal.
  • You have to enter a 26 digit survey code in the given empty box. (Find it in the McD receipt)
  • If you don’t find a 26 digit receipt you can input the details such as store number, KS number, date and time, order number and amount spent. Simply have a look at the above given image for clear understanding.
  • Answer the asked questions depending on your last experience at McDonald’s restaurant.
  • Once you submit the survey, you will find a coupon voucher, kindly note it down somewhere to take advantage of it on your next visit to McD.

That’s it!

In case, you are not able to access the McDVOICE survey portal, contact the given McDonald’s helpline number.

1-800-244-6227 (Timings 7am to 7pm)


We’re glad to introduce the necessary steps to provide an online survey at McDVOICE survey portal, in this article. If you have doubt or query kindly, note it in the given comment section. We will look into it!